No Doubt....

..they were great!


Slow day..

Ever go to your blog and click on the link at the top of the page that says Next blog? Then mindlessly surf through the plethora of blogs available?

Unfortunately most of the ones I "next'd" through weren't even in english. In fact, I couldn't identify half the languages I came across.

Such a slow day at work today I'm doing all I can to prevent my mind from liquifying.

6 more days until my vacation. Then I can become one with mind mish.


A thought...

Here in Quebec, the liquor board's acronym is the SAQ..

The Department of Motor Vehicles is SAAQ..

A little confusing if you don't want to drink and drive.


A moment..

..to thank the brave men who fought 65 years ago today so that we may enjoy the freedom we have. Thank you.