That's been my general mood as of late. It can partially be blamed on work.. For awhile the A/C wasn't functioning so the over abundance of heat in my work area was draining the life out of me along with my regular day to day activities. Well, now the A/C has been fixed and they want to keep us in the comfort zone of 76-78. Well 72 isn't really cutting it much. It would be fine if it wasn't blowing directly on you to the point where you need 2 sweaters and a pair of gloves to function. Unfortunately when I'm cold, all I want to do is roll up in a blanket and go to sleep.

Trying to plan for my summer vacation has also been a pain. My mom says one thing, then I plan for that one thing, then she says another, and so far she's been pulling me around like a yo-yo. Yes Mom, I want to go on vacation to get away from my work stress to deal with vacation stress from which I will probably need a vacation from when I get back.

Finally, men need to come with an instruction booklet. Sorry to any men out there offended by that remark, but you think us women are high maintenance creatures? I think I just finshed dating a woman trapped in the body of a man..

On a lighter note, I went to visit my family in Ottawa this past weekend enjoyed the lovely tornado that blew through briefly. I rented a vehicle to go there for the day as I had been repairing my van. It had developed a nasty leak and after looking over it with a coworker, he seemed to think it was coming in from the top of my windshield. So I bought some black silicone and sealed it up. Since it took 48 hours to dry, and I figured what the heck, let's ride something different, off to the rental agency I went. When I walked in the guy said, after I asked him what he had, "I can give you a car, I can give you a minivan, I can give you an SUV or I can give you The Beast!" When I asked him what "The Beast" was, he took me in the back (get your minds out of the gutter) and showed me "The Beast" which was the choice between a Chevy Tahoe or a GMC Yukon.. So I took out the Chevy Tahoe thinking to myself, holy cow, how am I going to drive something this big.. But it was an amazingly smooth ride and fast.. I didn't even realize I was going 140km (about 86 mph) but the speed limit is 100km (60 mph).. I think I know what my next vehicle will be.


  1. Sadly moms are pretty resistant to being told what to do!

  2. As a Mom I think I get that.. haha.. so let's just call this Clash of the Moms..

  3. Hopefully there will be beach and tanning time for you yet.

  4. ha ha ha ha ha @ dating a woman trapped man skin!
    So so so so SOOOOO true. Complicated creatures they be--and I'm raising a mini one!

    As for the beast? I drive a Frontier truck and LOVE it. Thought I wouldn't care for such a large vehicle but it drives like a car and is my BEAST. My family all shook their heads at me...for you see...with my love for all things pink and girlie they could not wrap their minds around ME in a TRUCK.


  5. Men are simple. They are warm, kind, caring, straightforward, smart, amusing, loyal, noble and filled with a sense of savoir faire. I am glad I could clear that up for you.

  6. LoC - Yes quality beach time. I will insist upon it!

    Kat - I know.. I can be girlie when I want to, but dammit I want that truck.

    LoC - Thanks.. I'll know what to look for next time! lol..


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