Family portrait..

..sub-titled How Many People Can you Cram in a Photo Booth?

Actually since Zach has a loose tooth in the front, Photo Booth sounded more like Frodo Boots. I kept wondering why he was going on about Lord of the Rings!

Our first stop was your standard photo booth.. 4 pictures, 3 minutes.. And while the pictures were being snapped all you could hear was.. "Ow, my foot! "Move over!" and "Uh, my butt is hanging out.."

The second attempt was in what was called a Portrait Booth. You could either sit and pose for a picture or scan an existing one, so we of course chose to pose. Let's call this how many people can you cram into a Portrait Booth.

All in all good fun. We then followed this up by going to A&W and stuffing ourselves silly.


  1. Nice photos. There used to be a lot of those photo booths back in the day. You don't see as many around anymore which is a pity.

  2. I'm with Laoch, where have all the photo booths gone?
    Looks like it was fun, despite some toes being stepped on and butts hanging out.


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