42 days and counting.

I will need a good week on the beach to thaw out!

Awhile back, I may or may not have complained that the air conditioning at work, never worked properly. With the multitude of computers and monitors in the lab, we never have to worry about heating in the winter, and still need the A/C running 365. Well, 2 weeks ago, they finally fixed the problem. We now have outakes (to draw out the heat) and a few more diffusers placed to keep us cool. Too cool in fact. We have gone from an 85-90f working environment to 74f. It may not sound cold, but when you are sitting down (and not moving around a lot) with a diffuser blowing right on you, that 74f feels like absolute zero. My anti-static coat has now become a snuggie (heavens forbid) and if I'm wearing a skirt, I use my sweater as a leg wrap.

Today someone finally came around to make an adjustment and the temperature has now gone up to 77f. We'll see if my teeth stop chattering finally.


  1. I used to play poker on a casino boat on the coast of Florida some time ago. It was funny to watch us board the ship as it would be 95 degrees outside but because they had set the air conditioning to such a cold temperature we would all be wearing coats as we waited to board. I wish I had gotten someone to take a picture of that.

  2. Poker designed snuggies!!! :)


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