Vacation countdown begins..

I know it's still 7 weeks off, but I'm so looking forward to some unsick time off work. I'm currently looking for a place in Wildwood for a week so I'll spend a week and a half with Mom and a week and a half soaking up the sun..

Temperature has been regulated at work now, so it hovers around 76-77 at my desk with the occasional dip down to 75. Good thing too as I have been having to wear a tank top so that the new tattoo I got on my back 2 weeks ago could heal up.

My new student is working out well so far. First few days were full of questions, but that's to be expected and now she seems to have settled in.

I'm now having to play with Windows 7 at work.. I find it much smoother than Vista is!


  1. Any major notable features or changes in 7?

  2. Nothing major. It's definitely faster, and there are a few new features in how you see your desktop. Background slide shows etc. Maybe I can send you some screen captures!


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