The curious case of..

Back, from another absence.. although smaller this time..

We have been working on a new product at work (to be released to the general public sometime next week) so work has been insane, plus I had a kid from Madrid with me for 2 weeks, then ended up with another for an extra week.. so I was a temporary tour guide as well as workaholic for the last 3 weeks. Of course all this wouldn't be complete without throwing a cold in there too. I felt horrible last week, but couldn't take any time off due to the boss being on vacation and me being in charge and of course the impending release. Ack.

Of course with all the paranoia about swine flu, everytime I coughed or sneezed people were wondering if I was going to infect them or not, so I spent a couple of days walking around snorting and oinking.. :)

With my new found downtime, I finally managed to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons last night and was totally surprised by this movie. I didn't expect to like it as much as I did, but it was a great movie..

Now that I have caught up on laundry and housework, I'm going to be a dedicated couch potato today. Let's see what other movies I can catch up on.


  1. Jees! You need some major relaxin' time!!
    Perhaps in a....
    wait for it...wait for it...


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