Needs more jiggawatts..

I am back at work this morning with only a bit of a cough left. I don't know what has me more tired at the moment, the cold, or the whole one hour time shift. My clock said 6:30 this morning when the alarm went off, however my body was saying "Sod off, it's only 5:30" and just wanted to go back into a coma. My voice may take a few days to recover it's girlish sound as right now I sound like a wandering transvestite.

Some interesting headlines from Fark this morning..

When asked about the suspected mass grave beneath her house, she responded, "No wonder our plants grow so well"

Speed limits on rural roads in the UK may be cut from 60 to 50mph to save lives. No word on how many lives would be saved by driving on the right side of the road

Percentage of Americans calling themselves "Christian" drops 11% in one generation. They were blinded by science

And the worst one of the day goes to

Pastor shot and killed during Sunday services. *pew*pew*pew

I also came back to find my intern had been fired. Not like I didn't see that one coming.

Back to my tea and my testing.


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