Welcome to teendom.

If that's even a word.

It was my son's 13th birthday today and the poor kid had to spend half of it at the emergency walk-in clinic.

A few days ago he had a couple of minute red spots on his face resembling pimples. So I made a joke saying that what he was getting for his 13th birthday was pimples as his initiation to becoming a teenager. Well he came home yesterday and they had grown, but still looked like pimples. This morning however, they had grown again, and some had ruptured and were leaking down his face. Gross I know, but imagine how the poor kid felt! So at 7:30 this morning we ended up at the emergency walk-in, yawning, tired and hungry. Within an hour we had a diagnosis; impetigo and the doctor put him off school until Friday because he is contagious.

His comment on the whole thing? "What a way to spend my birthday, but at least I get time off school."

And that's what counts.


  1. Good lord!! Poor guy. Best he get used to the facial blemishes. Welcome big 13 and multiple crazy hormones!!!!

  2. Ugh, he is right though that missing school rocks.

    Hopefully they can clear it up quickly


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