The wonderful thing about spring..

..is the thaw brings out all the virii and germs that were dormant from the cold.

I dealt with the flu bug a week and a half ago. Then dealt with my son's impetigo last week. Seems like I'm heading back to the clinic in the morning to get my throat dealt with. From past history it appears to be strep. Feels like strep, looks like strep, so chances are I'm off work for another 2 days and antibiotics for 10.

I try not to use all my sick days at the beginning of the year, but this time of year sucks them up like a vacuum cleaner.


  1. It is all these birthday parties, young people are little germ factories. Next year all the parties should be in a bubble.

  2. LOL@ Loachies bubble party!!
    I've been sick off and on since Thanksgiving.
    WTF, man?

  3. hahaha.. Yes, we shall all wear body condoms!

  4. This winter I've been lucky (so far) but I remember burning up a lot of sick days before summer in previous years.


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