Anutha day anutha dolla'

So a new budget was proposed for the Canadian people today. They actually want to put the Government in deficit to help stimulate the economy and help keep or create jobs for the people. I'm all for that, because honestly what does the Government need a surplus for if it means people losing jobs.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the staring stagiaire as he has now been unaffectionately nicknamed was given a new task. Since he can't focus his day without staring at me, we unceremoniously dumped a whack of dirty keyboards, video cables, extensions, null modem cables and mice for him to test if they work and if they do clean them thoroughly. The look on his face was priceless.. I had to run off and giggle myself silly. I was able to work in peace this afternoon as he finally had too much work on his hands to waste his time staring.

During my break today, instead of doing my blog hops, I went shopping on Amazon. After watching the show True Blood and seeing that it originated from a book series, I decided to check it out. They were having a special on the boxed set at $39.99. Not bad for 7 books! I also ordered a new copy of Lord of the Rings as the copy I have had for 27 years now is finally toast. No book collection is complete with out a little Tolkien. For the final purchase, I bought a book of sheet music for Supertramp. I've always liked this group and I love the piano playing, so, I'll be able to try it myself.

Now, I must eat and see how badly Laoch is killing me in Wordscaper.


  1. Maybe you should bring a yo-yo for your minion to play with to help pass the day? I never got around to reading the Lord of the Rings (did he actually finish writing it?) although I do remember reading The Hobbit all those years ago.

    Also, it is irrefutable that you are better at the scrabble like games than I am.

  2. The Sookie Stackhouse series? Let me know how they are. Apparently, they're a sexed up version of Twilight.

    Twilight being one of the weakest books I've ever forced myself to read. I don't get the hype at. all. Disappointing since I liked the idea.

  3. Laoch - I don't think he could quite grasp the concept of the yoyo. Maybe a slinky instead. "Some people are like a Slinky... not really good for anything, but you still can't help but smile when you shove them down the stairs."

    Chelle - Will let you know. If it's anything like the TV series it should be a good read!
    I have the Twilight books here (well the first two) but haven't started them.


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