I read this article on CNN with my morning tea and toast and thought to myself what's the big deal? Then again, I've always had males as friends and never thought any differently. I wasn't the average girly girl growing up, always the tomboy, always rolling around in the dirt. I couldn't get into the girly stuff of pink ribbons and frilly dresses (the thought still makes me shudder), so it seemed just natural to hang out with the boys instead. They liked all the things I did. Softball, soccer, climbing hills, climbing trees, pretending every nook and cranny in the park was the step to the next big adventure. Then of course there were those infamous "For a million dollars would you....." conversations. As I got older, I found like-wise female friends and have a pleasant blend of both.

I still don't wear pink and frills (I do however, own dresses and skirts now), my obsession with rolling in the dirt has now turned into a fascination with gadgets (still a guy thing for the most part), and I still like to hang out with the guys. Strangely enough I find some women just too high maintenance? I guess I could call that guy thinking too.


  1. This seems like a pretty reasonable article to me. I think generally that it is bad to let other people define how we should feel or live. If you are content in the things you like and are interested that is a healthy thing and your contentment will no doubt carry over and make everyone else in you life benefit as well.

  2. Yep, I am that kind of woman/tomboy...
    men I meet are so relived to find a woman like me that their wives are driven to distraction.
    so, I really don't have any girlfriends/boyfriends..
    But When I was young I ran all over with a girl who was just like me...we were NUTS!no guy could out drink/out drive me.

  3. I once outdrank the McGill rugby team. The bartender became my best friend that night!


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