I survived the holidays...

...my bank account didn't fare as well though.

The good:

My brother made it up from Atlanta.
The US border was practically empty on Christmas day.
I got a lovely pair of boots at a great sale price in Macy's.
I finally got my hair cut.
There was no snow.
It went up to 18c one day.
I got to taxi Mom around.
I now know the way to my brother's blindfolded.
My niece wasn't so shy around me anymore.
$20 to fill up the van.

The bad:

The exchange rate.
The boots gave me blisters the first day wearing them.
It got cold (like Montreal cold) the last couple of days we were there.
Traffic on Route-22

Holiday food weight gain.

The ugly:

3 hour wait to cross Canadian Customs on the way back.


  1. God, the traffic there is truly awful. Were the lines long at customs or is it just that they take a long time with each person?

  2. Hey, I used to follow you on spaces.


  3. Once we got to the custom's booth, it took all of 2 minutes for them to look at our passports, ask if we had any tobacco or alcohol and waved us through.

    It's like when you get stuck in a traffic jam, and when it starts moving again, yet you see no evidence of why it was blocked up in the first place.


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