A weighty issue..

For the last couple of days whenever I've signed onto MSN and the Windows Live Today pops up, there has been at least one blurb about Jessica Simpson's weight gain.

Any browser I opened on a test machine that automatically has MSN set as it's homepage, also contains bits and pieces of Jessica Simpson's now bountiful bod. First there was the picture of her ass, and a caption along the lines of "She's a big star now..." Then articles of her sister defending her weight gain.. and I'm thinking to myself, there are wars going on, people are dying, losing their jobs, their homes, their minds, and all people seem to care about is that Jessica Simpson went from a size 2 to a size 8? First off, good on her for having a normal body, and secondly who cares???

The media needs to stop doing stuff like this as it's grossly unhealthy for adolescent girls to read this crap, and soak it up they do! Not too long ago the press went nuts because Jennifer Love Hewitt went from a size 0 to a size 2 and they were treating her like she had become obese. For too long Hollywood and the media has put too much emphasis on skin and bones, and not enough on health.

I wear a size 10, so that must make me morbidly obese? I'm 5'11, how do you think Size 0 would look on me? A stick person comes to mind..


  1. I agree with your central thesis of course, but imagine for a moment that they instead wrote articles about her intellect? The horror, the horror.

  2. Well, in that case there wouldn't be much to write about! [insert drum roll, cymbal clash here]

  3. What I want to know is how much Jack Nickleson weights. I think Clint Eastwood has lost a few pounds...

    Tactless? What? Who?

  4. You know, you should never ask me questions like that because I will try and find the answers.. LOL!

    From WikiAnswers:

    Clint Eastwood"s height in 1973 was 6' 4" and his weight was 215 lbs

    As for Jack, no weight stats but:

    Jack Nicholson is 5' 9¾ according to imdb.com

  5. Oh, and haha I am taller. (Sticks out tongue)

  6. I hate to break it to you, but when I put my boots on, I'm taller than all y'all.

  7. Ah.. it's not "those" boots, it's my other boots that I wear for more civilized outings, but they have 3 inch heels..


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