Ever stop to wonder who invented the bathtub?

Just one of those things that hit me the other night as I was stepping into the shower.   


One answer I found was:  John Michael Kohler did when he enameled a cast iron horse trough in 1883.


The concept of bathing goes way back.  Further research showed that the Greeks had baths with drainage as far back as 1700 B.C.


Of course, this question also leads to who invented showers?


That answer was found here.


Let’s see what other Cliff Clavin like questions I can come up with tonight’s shower.


  1. This post is inadequate without pictures of you thinking as you stepped into the shower.

    The really important query is who invented the hot tub!

  2. I dunno, if I put a picture up I might scare off my readers. All 3 of you.

    Hot tubs or baths have been around as long as baths have, but the inventor of the modern hot tub was Roy Jacuzzi.

    Speaking of hot tubs I could use one right about now as the temps went back down again. It's currently 8f but feels like -9f with the wind.

  3. I accept that it is never going to be warm again

  4. Ok, let's pack it up then and head to Cuba!!
    Un mojito por favor!

  5. Look at my new shoes http://www.thefrisky.com/post/246-ugliest-shoes-ever/

    I love the idea of Havana

  6. Hey, cute shoes. Wear them for dancing in Havana..

  7. If you're wearing those shoes, I better dust off my hat.. It looks like this http://www.umbrellahat.net/pimp-hat.jpg

  8. That is a truly epic chapeau! At least the government agents will have no trouble keeping track of you.

  9. The fact that I'd be one of the tallest things down there would make it easy too!

  10. tall is good, it means you can have more medianoche!


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