Get out the sunscreen!

The cold snap is being pushed aside by snow. Of course it warmed up enough to snow. Today's high will be a whopping -10c (or 14f if you prefer).

I have a headache thinking of going into work tomorrow. Every 4 months we get a new student (co-op) and some are good, or even very very good, and then you get some who can dazzle you with bullshit in an interview, get the position and then fail miserably. The new guy is, well, I'm still looking for a word to describe him. The first week he was with us, he spent 80% of his time reading various news sites about the Gaza situation. When he wasn't doing that he was busy spending the other 20% staring at what was going on at my desk and 0% productivity. We also have a 30 minute lunch, 2 x 15 minute break rule too. He decided on one hour lunches with half hour breaks. We took him aside for a talk on Tuesday and confronted him with all this and of course he had an excuse for everything. While he is no longer taking the 1 hour lunch, half hour break routine (we threatened to edit his timesheet), he's still sitting at his desk, staring off at the news, my desk, every move I make, anyone who walks by or his iPod.

On another note, a Snuggie commercial came on TV and I had a flashback to Laoch's blog, then my 5 year old says, "Mommy, can you get one of those, they look so soft!" I think the horrified look on my face gave him his answer.

Tylenol please.


  1. No doubt your intern is the kind of fellow who will one day be Prime Minister. So be nice to him and in the long run you can be a cabinet member.

    It is pleasing to hear that you will be a Snuggie family. I can't wait to see you guys on the commercials

  2. Then I better start saving my pennies.. the country will fall into deep depression and the US will take over.

    Hmmm.. on second thought it would save me filing an I-130.

  3. There is no bottom. You should bring in a toy for him to play with.


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