I had a flashback on my way to work this morning (don't really know what brought it on) about the time my Mom, Sister and I went out to dinner at Red Lobster. My sister and I tend to be the giggly ones of the family, and when we are together it can get a little dangerous.

We were just about finished our meal, when something set my sister off. She just started laughing. Of course my mother and I are staring at her, waiting for her to stop and share the joke, but it just got worse. The more we stared, the more she laughed. She has one of those infectious laughs too, so before long, I was laughing right along with her. That's when the Domino Effect kicked in. The more I laughed, the more she laughed which made me laugh harder. My poor Mother could only sit there, occasionally giggling, but looking around to see if we were being stared at. That of course made my sister laugh even harder, and I followed suite like a good little lemming. After 15 minutes of this, we now have tears running down our cheeks, and we're pretty much doubled over since our stomachs are now killing us and I honestly thought I was going to throw up! We finally calmed down enough to breathe, wipe the tears and resume some sense of normality when the waiter came up to our table and asked rather innocently "Are you ladies done?"

The results were disastrous because now my mother was laughing, my sister was back to crying again and I was just in too much pain to do anything. We paid the bill and left. Our laughing fit cost us though. When we got home and figured out the bill, we realized we had given the waiter a $15 tip. That of course, set my sister off again.

Rinse, lather, repeat.


  1. Sadly I have never had an amusing meal at red lobster.

  2. Funny thing though, we never knew what set her off in the first place!

  3. She didn't appear to be crabby.

  4. Perhaps she was laughing at those sexy lobster bibs?

  5. Don't be dissing those sexy lobster bibs! I like my me wearing sexy lobster bibs and nothing else.. [cough cough choke]

  6. No doubt your cookouts must be exceedingly popular. How are your lobster rolls.


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