We don't need no steenkin' title

I am completely brain dead this weekend. I don't know if it was the long week at work, the interviews, the lack of sleep, or the three combined, but, the light's on, and no one's home.

A snuggie commercial came on while I'm writing this and what scared me was at the end they say, "similar products sell for $50 and more.." There are similar products??

I was going to drive around today and take pictures of snowbanks and the like, however it is snowing and completely smoggy/grey outside, so that's out. Kid C has a birthday party to go to between 11:30 and 1:30. They are having it in a café designed for kiddies, complete with built in jungle gym, etc. Just what one needs on a Sunday to complete the day. A restaurant full of kindergarteners! Where's the tylenol....

Next weekend is Kid A's Sweet 16 party. I'm taking her, and 11 of her friends to an all you can eat buffet and have agreed she can have 5 of them sleep over. I like torturing myself apparently. I will plan a night of horror movies and popcorn with a side order of tylenol..

So heads up, the price of the tylenol stock is about to go up this week!


  1. Man...my head hurt just reading about your future events!!
    Ear plugs. Invest in ear plugs.
    I took MiniWarrior to Chuck E Cheese and wore ear plugs.
    Life. Saver.
    and we're not talking MY life that was saved ;)

  2. Just haul the 16 year olds to the jungle gym place, too and call it a day.

    It's the same as a horror movie.

  3. You're a nice mom. The idea of a sweet 16 party is something foreign to me. What do girls do at such a party?

  4. 'kat - You know, I can't see the title of that restaurant without thinking of the line from the movie, Employee of the Month when they walk into their friend's house and are met by a barrage of kids:

    "Jesus Christ. Where the hell are we, Chuck E. Cheese-istan? "

    chelle - if only!

    laoch - Well, from what I have seen from dropping her off and picking her up from her friend's Sweet 16s, a lot of laughing and giggling.


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