Monday I have Friday on my mind...

I'm definitely ready for another weekend. Kid A was sick with the flu that Kid C had just got over (which kept me home for most of last week) so Kid C is back at school but Kid A is home. Thankfully she is at an age where I can come to work and zip home if she needs me. Times like this I wish I had bought stock in Kleenex.

To add to the cauldron, I woke up Sunday morning to a dead monitor. It had shades of white and pastel mixing in with grid lines on the screen. CNN never looked so trippy! A Viewsonic vx2260 has replaced it, rather nicely I might add.


  1. I used to love sick days when I was little. While being sick was lame, the great joy of missing school fully made up for it.

  2. I was a sickly kid, so whenever I had sick days off from school I was too sick to really enjoy them. I was off for a month one time, due to Hong Kong flu. 2 weeks of being sick and 2 weeks of getting my strength back again.

    Now, snow days were a different story!!

  3. Can I have a sick day? I really need to call in sick for a personal day.

  4. I had the hong kong flu strain in the late 1960s. I think i ended up giving it to my mother who ended up being much sicker from it than I.

  5. That was about the time I got it too.. I remember people looking at me funny when I finally went back to school. I had lost weight and I was already 2 dimensional to begin with!


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