Spellchecker at work..

We received an email today from a co-worker, apologizing due to one of the servers coming down for maintenance. Which was fine until you got to this line:

"Sorry for any incontinence this may cause."

I did a reply to all and wrote "Feeling a bit pissy today?" Someone else followed up with "Well your incontinence won't bother me since I can't smell you from where I sit." and finally, "Where's the mop?"

This had the whole lab giggling for hours. I went over to him at lunch and asked him if he wanted me to pick up any Depends for him while I was out. He was still laughing over the fact that all this stemmed up from him initially mispelling inconvenience, and the spellchecker offered a choice of words, he just hit the first one since he was in a rush. A rush to go to the bathroom maybe??

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