To retro'cert or not to retro'cert.

I read on Facebook (through iLike application) that Fleetwood Mac are swinging into town on March 25th. I hope my pockets can swing the price of the ticket!

Meanwhile, here's a video of The Chain. One of my favourite Mac songs, which I also love playing on bass.

Update: I got tickets! Yay!


  1. I love Fleetwood Mac! :)
    TUSK is my favorite of theirs.
    I think they are a band that is marvelous to see in concert but don't transfer as well to CD. They truly have great concert charisma--hope your pockets can swing it!

  2. I'm excited to see this one. I love so many of their songs (grew up with most of them). I'll see what I can do about getting my camera in there.. ha!

  3. Very cool. You'll have to get a fetching snuggie to wear there.

  4. Well, Stevie Nicks always wears long flowing things, I guess with a snuggie I'll fit right in. Maybe I'll get it tie-dyed.


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