Obama ate a beavertail.

Canada's love affair with Obama deepened today as the President made an unscheduled stop in the Ottawa Byward Market, bought a beavertail and some maple cookies for his daughters. If I was still living in Ottawa, I definitely would have been one of the frozen onlookers waving a flag.

Various news articles about the visit with more photos.

I love this country!

Crowds thrilled by unscheduled stop

Obama waves, Canadian women are never the same.

Obama shops for cookies and beavertail.


  1. It is a bit ironic though that the main reason that Obama made this trip is purported to be to apologize to the Canadian government for including severe anti-trade provisions in the governments latest stimulus bill and to beg Canada not to have a full blown trade war with the US.

  2. I guess the beavertails got in the way.


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