Tell me why, I don't like Saturdays

My day goes something like this:

7:30 - Wake kids up, get dressed and run Kid A to the Cadets for 8:30
9:00 - Head home, feed kids B and C and myself.
10:00 - Head out again to take Kid B to his Social Skills Group
10:30 - After dropping Kid B off, Kid C and I head out for groceries.
12:00 - Pick Kid B up after finishing groceries by the skin of my teeth and head home.
12:30 - 15:15 - Put groceries away, make lunch, eat lunch, sort laundry, do laundry, clean up house a bit.
15:30 - Gather up Kids B and C, head out to pick up Kid A.
16:00 - If I'm lucky Kid A gets out on time and I don't need to sit in the parking lot for an hour (Which kinda sucks when it's -20)
16:30 - Arrive at Costco. Leave Kids in car under care of Kid A (unless it's -20 then we all go in) gather up bulk foods not bought with regular groceries.
17:00 - Arrive home, put away more groceries
17:30 - Sit down for an hour and have tea OR bike for an hour. Depending on my degree of tiredness
18:30 - Get up and make dinner
19:15 - Eat dinner
19:30 - I think I sit down at this point.

It's more tiring than my average work day! Then the kids wonder why I don't want to leave the house on Sunday!


  1. UG! I would be hiding under the covers on sunday!
    If I could, I would send you a massage.

  2. Tell me why...I have Boomtown Rats in my head! (no bathroom breaks? What the hell?)

  3. Just your morning would be the death of me. You have amazing fortitude.

  4. I actually snarled yesterday that I was looking forward to going back to work so I could RElAX!! LOL
    and I don't do have the shizzle that you listed here! :)
    Kids and men. They are endless work!

  5. er...thats HALF the shizzle...
    I need more coffee.

  6. It's funny, I often tell my kids that too. "Maybe I should have gone to work today, it would have been more relaxing!"

    ColleenQ - The real intention of this whole post was to get that song stuck in people's heads. ;)

    LoC - You should see me on Sundays. Not an ounce of fortitude left!


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